Partner Program Categories


Integrated Service Vendors 

Integrated service vendor (ISV) partners develop their own products with seamless interfaces that enable, enhance and extend our members’ use of Tessitura. Examples include:

  • Retail point-of-sale (POS) integrations
  • Marketing automation programs
  • Video streaming services
  • Dynamic pricing platforms
  • Fundraising intelligence platforms
  • Ticket protection integrations
  • Venue management integrations
  • Global ticket distribution channels
  • Finance integrations



Web Integrators

Web integrators power digital transformation and bring vast expertise across a wide range of organizational needs. They include:

  • TNEW styling to match member branding
  • Complex TNEW e-commerce extensions
  • Fully custom websites integrated with Tessitura via our API
  • Advanced use of Tessitura’s API to power member organizations


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Hardware Providers

Hardware Provider Partners are trusted manufacturers whose products seamlessly interface with Tessitura to provide efficiency. Examples include:

  • Ticket printers for every need
  • Scanning devices and stands
  • Kiosks

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Service Vendors

With established track records of success, Service Vendor Partners bring proven expertise to help increase revenue. Examples include:

  • Call center services
  • Trusted consultancy in fundraising, marketing, pricing, executive recruitment, digital advertising and technology infrastructure

Why partner with us?

A Tessitura partnership puts your company in front of more than 750 arts and culture organizations on three continents. In addition to promotional exposure, partnerships include many benefits.

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    Dedicated website profile

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    Certification programs

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    Special consulting rates

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    Exclusive sponsorship invitations for the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

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    Early access to updates

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    Opportunity to present webinars to Tessitura members

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    Enhanced Tessitura training

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    Collaborative development opportunities

“The Tessitura ecosystem is much more than just a set of APIs and business agreements. It’s a thriving community of like-minded arts and culture fanatics who share Wordfly’s vision of improving access to arts, culture and live entertainment in every corner of the world. The Tessitura community hasn’t just grown our business. It’s grown our hearts as well.”

Kirk Bentley,

“Vimeo's history of providing high-definition video for filmmakers and artists coupled with Tessitura's understanding of the unique needs of the arts and culture sector has made this partnership a perfect fit. We couldn't be happier with the impact we've been able to provide to this community.”

Carol Oliveira Modesto,
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