Everything you need in one system

Tessitura’s unique platform meets the needs of every department with a completely unified solution, giving you more time to connect with your audiences.

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Unified CRM

Tessitura places the customer at the center of its platform giving you a complete view of every constituent. With our holistic CRM, you can personalize your marketing, target your messages, and streamline your stewardship. Take advantage of data from across your organization to provide seamless customer service, data analytics, and marketing insight.

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Ticketing & admissions

Tessitura makes it easy to sell any kind of tickets - general admission, timed admission, capacity-controlled ticketing, and tickets for seated venues. Easily create, sell and renew both pre-built subscriptions and flexible packages. Tessitura lets you make adjustments on the fly, from a simple discount promotion to rescheduling an entire production.

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Tessitura world-class fundraising tools are the key to unlocking your financial success. From quick online gifts to special event contributions to long-term planned pledges, Tessitura has the tools to manage every step of the contribution life cycle from entry to acknowledgement. Take advantage of mobile tools for staff on the go, comprehensive campaign management, moves management tools, and automations to give your team more time to manage their portfolio.

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Tessitura offers the flexibility to support and grow your membership, loyalty, or giving level programs. Enjoy integrated membership card scanning and automated benefits tracking. Sell memberships through any channel, and design your own membership cards — including digital membership cards. Set up an unlimited number of membership programs, and configure membership levels and rules to suit your needs.

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Gain a 360-degree view of each visitor’s behavior across your organization with our unified CRM. Leverage every data point to design targeted campaigns through any channel. Personalize your marketing, target your messages, and automate promotions to increase engagement and raise revenue.

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Business insights

All of this combined data is available for analysis and decision-making. Tessitura’s reporting capabilities, drag-and-drop analytics, and strategic dashboards help you understand your organization from every angle. Start your day with scheduled reports delivered right to your inbox. Your own personalized dashboard will give you quick, intuitive insights into where you stand and data to drive future campaigns.

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Integrated ticket scanning & access control

Scan tickets, membership cards, and much more with contactless or handheld devices. Real-time wireless access control offers lets you monitor capacity while providing guests personalized customer service. Attendance data integrates seamlessly with Tessitura for reporting and tracking.

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Mobile & e-commerce

Showcase your brand with customer-friendly, mobile-responsive e-commerce solutions. The unified sales path can include anything your customers need, including tickets, packages, memberships, donations, retail, gift certificates, and more. Tessitura's flexible white-label platform and industry-leading API offer a range of digital tools to put your patrons at the center of your organization.

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Education & groups

Build relationships with students and families, teachers and schools, and any other groups that engage with your organization. Detailed program tracking and efficient resource management tools let you focus on creating memorable experiences. Tessitura tracks the effectiveness of your education initiatives and demonstrates the value of your programs to funders.

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Our retail point-of-sale integrations let you truly see the full picture of how your patrons interact with your organizations. Innovative point-of-sale, self-order kiosk solutions, and web stores all improve efficiency for your business. Seamless Tessitura integrations allow you and your patrons to apply member discounts, accept Tessitura-issued gift certificates as payment, and store all purchase history in Tessitura.

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Hosting services

Let our professionals manage your infrastructure so you can focus on your business. We offer the option to host and deploy Tessitura via the cloud, allowing you to access your Tessitura system from anywhere and eliminating the need for major hardware investment or internal database administration. Our hosting services fit organizations of all sizes and includes comprehensive support and services to keep Tessitura running smoothly so you can focus on your business goals.