Integrated retail

Power your retail and refreshments sales through our trusted partner, SalesVu. SalesVu provides an online store and point-of-sale so that you can sell items on site, in advance, and online. Customers can redeem gift certificates sold through Tessitura and take advantage of member benefits through SalesVu. All purchases are recorded back in Tessitura for reporting and a seamless customer view.

Screenshot of Virginia Museum of History & Culture online store, viewing items including books and notecards.
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    Look up customers

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    Apply member discounts

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    Accept Tessitura-issued gift certificates as payment

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    Store all purchase history in Tessitura

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    All integration features available in onsite and online retail shops

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Tessitura-powered retail

Sell a limited amount of merchandise and other products directly through Tessitura in your standalone gift shop or in a combined cart with tickets, admissions, memberships, or donations.

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    Flexible point-of-sale interface

  • shopping cart

    Integrated shopping cart

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    Sell merchandise through all channels

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    Enhance the visitor experience by offering audio guides and other add-ons

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    Promote your products with upsell messaging and combo offers

Screenshot of Science Museum website with options to purchase a lunch, souvenir book, or a face covering.

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