A prebuilt platform ready to showcase your brand

Leverage the power of your Tessitura system with our flexible, secure digital platform. TN Express Web (TNEW) is e-commerce purpose-built for arts and culture.

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    Designed to make your e-commerce path a seamless extension of your brand

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    Transactions and account updates happen in real time and are available for instant reporting

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    Tailor the online customer journey with upsells, discounts, special messaging, and more

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    Secure customer data and PCI-compliant transactions

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    Unified cart lets you offer tickets, memberships, packages, gift certificates, donations, and more, all in one transaction

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    Customers can update their own contact preferences plus view mobile tickets, membership history, and upcoming visits & events

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    Developed to enable compliance with privacy laws and accessibility guidelines

What can you do with TNEW?

Looking for TNEW support?
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    Apply membership benefits

    Verify and apply membership benefits instantly, even during the initial membership transaction. 

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    Sell more to meet your revenue goals

    Offer packages, flexible bundles, add-on items, select-your-own seat, and more — all in a single transaction. Plus, upsell related programs, parking, merchandise, memberships, and more.

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    Integrate with Google Analytics

    Integrate your site with Google Analytics to track and understand the entire customer journey.

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    Connect on social media

    Offer customers the option to log in with Facebook and share your events on Facebook.

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    Sell with confidence

    Tessitura and TNEW offer waiting rooms and other tools to handle your heaviest on-sales and highest traffic days with ease.

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    Honor promo offers, special discounts & more

    Honor promotional discounts, offer discount bundles, and extend pre-sale offers and special access to members, subscribers, and other VIPs.

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    Innovate on the TNEW platform

    Use TNEW out-of-the-box or as a springboard for custom web development to further enhance and extend the customer experience.

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Your strategy. Our technology.

There are many ways that you can approach your digital strategy, and we have solutions to accomplish your goals. From a fully hosted prebuilt platform to an entirely custom website, your Tessitura-powered site will let you connect with your customers through a streamlined experience.

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    Use Tessitura’s hosted e-commerce platform, build a custom site with the Tessitura API, or employ a hybrid approach

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    Real time

    Every transaction and account update takes place in real time via the Tessitura API

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    Tessitura’s unified cart means that you can offer tickets, packages, add-on items, memberships, and more — all in a single transaction.

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    PCI-compliant hosted payments through our payment gateway partners

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    No hidden fees

    Keep 100% of any fees you choose to charge. Tessitura never charges any transaction fees to you or your customers.

The sky's the limit with our flexible API

No idea is too big or too small. From an upcoming events widget to a fully custom website, build the website that you want. Our powerful API will enable seamless interaction between Tessitura and your website to power transactions, feeds, and more.

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    Every facet of Tessitura is available for API calls, from customer data and membership history to featured events, exhibition details and every kind of transaction

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    Use the API to create feeds or listings on your marketing site

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    Create a streamlined customer journey with session sharing or single sign-on (SSO) between your custom site and your purchase path

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    Build a custom purchase path for plan-your-day, group sales, or other tailored experiences

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    Craft a dedicated portal for members or VIPs to provide exclusive access or an enhanced web experience

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    Access to the Tessitura API is included with your Tessitura license — no additional charge

Developer Resources


Tessitura has built partnerships with a number of trusted third parties that provide products and services to the Tessitura community. Many providers offer favorable pricing to the Tessitura community, and certain services are integrated with Tessitura to unify your operations. We invite you to explore the many ways that our partners can bring your toolkit together, including:

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    Tessitura-integrated mobile apps to grow engagement and enhance the customer experience

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    Design and development partners to style your TNEW site or build a custom web experience

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    Quick donations and team fundraising to expand your fundraising opportunities

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    Online waiting rooms to ease pressure and manage traffic during on-sales and high-demand days

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    Retail tools to bring your gift shop online

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