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Tessitura Network has been providing enterprise technology solutions to cultural and arts institutions since 2001. From cultural and historical attractions to symphony orchestras, from theaters to museums, we provide a single unified system for nonprofits to manage CRM and transactions, both online and on-site. Tessitura was created by and for the arts and cultural sector, and we understand your needs and are 100% focused on your success.

Tessitura Software is a silo-busting product developed from the input of our members. With cultural activities as our inspiration, we built solutions to streamline your business operations, allowing you to harvest data about your visitors and leverage it to increase memberships and revenue. Tessitura’s unified CRM helps you understand and connect effectively with your patrons. Comprehensive functionality across all departments empowers you to maximize your revenue and build deeper relationships.

“I’ve been on a half dozen ticketing systems and by far, Tessitura is the best one because it’s not just a ticketing piece — it’s the entire CRM model.”

Sean Wright, The Grand Theater
The Grand Theatre - Sean Wright
The Grand Theatre Interior 1
The Grand Theatre Interior 2
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