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Only Tessitura has the features and flexibility to handle whatever ticketing needs you have today and in the future.

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General & timed admission

Efficiently sell tickets for daily admission, special exhibits, and more.

Plan your day ticketing for Shedd Aquarium
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    Use timed admission to help visitors plan their journey through all your offerings

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    Streamlined tools to manage capacity for time blocks and entry points

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    Preset entry periods and locations with timed tickets for straightforward access control

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    Sell in advance for a specific date or time, and sell both current and advance tickets at the door

Combos & Bundles

The optimal customer experience starts with flexibility. Tessitura’s comprehensive options let you offer any type of package or bundle.

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    Offer plan-your-day packages, lecture or film series, special events, and more

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    Promote choose-your-own packages for combo ticket deals and add on items such as parking, dining, and audio guides

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    Combine multiple sessions of classes or camps for students or adults

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    Prompt guests to save on admission by purchasing a membership. Member benefits apply immediately to items in the cart

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    Automatically apply discounts based on the number of different products in the cart for impromptu bundles

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    Printed or digital composite tickets let you scan one barcode for entry to all elements of a package

Georgia aquarium plan your day cart

Event Ticketing

From intimate cabarets to sold-out arenas, historic houses to flexible black-box spaces, Tessitura lets you manage any seated and capacity-controlled venue.

Artis Naples select your own seat map with legend
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    Whether your space is fixed or configurable, full or partial capacity, take advantage of Tessitura’s limitless flexibility

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    Building blocks to manage capacity and seating in any space with no limitation on the number of maps you can create

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    Define the best seating for your venue and different kinds of programming. Then Tessitura can automatically find the best seat at your patron’s price point

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    Automatically give members, donors, and other VIPs access to special pricing, pre-sales, and other exclusive inventory and benefits

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    Take advantage of pod seating, not-for-sale seat indicators, and other features to enable physically distanced seating

Subscriptions & Renewals

Powerful tools to handle flexible packages and renewable subscriptions

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    Renewable seated subscriptions in single or multiple venues

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    Patrons can keep "their seats" for every performance or combine assigned seats with general admission events

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    Calculate suggested contributions to include in your renewal notices, and let subscribers renew efficiently through any channel

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    Offer full season packages, voucher-based packages, or choose-your-own packages

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    Automatically apply discounts based on the number of different performances or products in the cart for impromptu subscriptions

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    Payment plans make it easier for your customers to plan their investment in your programming

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    Automatically release unrenewed seats on your timeline, or release them one by one as needed

Group Sales

From tour groups to school groups, Tessitura’s purpose-built tools help you manage every detail of the bookings for these important relationships.

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    Capture the complete picture of the people and organizations involved in a group order

  • grid

    Adjust the number of tickets in an order anytime you need

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    Enjoy the flexibility to set up payment plans, save orders with only a deposit, and more

  • receipt

    Automate discounts and complimentary tickets based on criteria that you choose

  • barcode icon

    Streamlined group check-in lets you scan a single barcode for the whole order and update attendance in real time

  • list

    Book rooms and resources for your group’s visit, and print an agenda to see their day at a glance

ford's theatre group sales

Education & class registrations

Ensure smooth sales through all channels and track the relationships that are so important to your education programs.

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    Sell classes, workshops, and other sessions

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    Offer individual classes or bundle into a series

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    Extend member benefits by offering early registration or member discounts

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    Securely collect student data as part of the registration process

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    Handle heavy on-sales with ease, even during peak registration times

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Tessitura can be integrated with KIS kiosks for self-service stations that put your customers in control of their own experience.

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    Kiosk stations can sell tickets, capture customer information, and provide automated ticket pickup to streamline visitor arrivals.

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    Kiosks stations can recognize members through a scanned card or membership number entry to provide instant access to membership information and benefits.

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    Personalize kiosks with your brand, graphics, and desired features.

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    Kiosks are PCI-compliant and EMV-ready.

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Easily ticket virtual experiences

Sell the digital content you want, the way that you want to.

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    Offer a digital content page for each product, available right when a customer logs into their account

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    Online waiting rooms help manage traffic

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    Grow your revenue with dynamic pricing

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    Honor member or VIP benefits with free or discounted access

  • receipt

    Apply gift certificates or on-account funds from past cancelled events

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    Restrict content access by customer location, if needed for tax purposes or region-based restrictions

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