Easily Manage Schools & Groups

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Track schools

Know individual teachers and schools, and the connections among them, to build long-term institutional relationships.

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Track teachers

Track when teachers move between schools to better understand the individual and institutional relationships.

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Track transactions

See the entities and relationships involved in each transaction. View order history, payments and any balance that's due.

Meet every student’s needs

Tessitura helps you make your education programs accessible to every student.

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    Easily collect information about any special services or assistance students will require when they attend.

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    Track school, health, parent, pick-up, waiver and any other information needed to ensure a safe and positive educational experience.

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    All student history is part of their overall customer profile, so you can build on each relationship and provide excellent service year after year.

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Manage Relationships to Build Relationships

Tessitura enables you to build individual relationships with each of your students and their families.

Relationships Tab
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    See classes, preferences, dietary needs, emergency contacts, and any other essential info, all in one place.

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    Cultivate lifelong audience members. Your students can grow into adults engaged with your institution.

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    Tessitura’s unified CRM allows you to understand your entire relationship with each customer at a glance.

Better Communication Tools

Know who your participants are — students, families, schools, teachers — and send the right info to everyone.

92Y email
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    Offer information and reminders relevant to specific programs, including important updates.

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    Target communications based on program participation, school affiliation, interests, and more.

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    Communicate through all channels, including automated email, SMS messaging, and mobile push notifications

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Increase revenue through effective reporting

Tessitura makes it easy to analyze your education data to report to internal stakeholders and outside funders to help increase your revenue and funding.

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    Track and report on detailed information about your education programs and participants

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    Spot trends and improve your decision making

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    Easily create maps, charts, and other reports to share with funders

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Smooth sales & registrations through every channel

Tessitura lets you sell registrations to classes, workshops, and more — seamlessly, through any channel.

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    Sell classes, workshops, tours, school visits, and more — individually or in series

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    Tessitura can handle high-volume on-sales, even during peak registration and purchase times

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    Incorporate forms to collect student and group data as part of the purchase and registration process

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    Sell to individuals, families, schools, and groups

Resource scheduling

Tessitura includes room and resource scheduling to make it easy for you to reserve rooms and assign resources for activities within a ticket order. You can reserve rooms, people, and items at specified dates and times to support educational programming, group visits, and other miscellaneous reservations, such as birthday party packages.

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    Create & manage bookings

  • Doc-Check

    Assign people, places & things to bookings and events

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    Self-service scheduling for volunteers & staff

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    Comprehensive reporting

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Resource Scheduling

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