Pull the perfect list every time

Leverage Tessitura’s 360-degree view of customer behavior for your marketing campaigns. Segment lists to target specific audiences for highly focused campaigns through any channel.

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    Create simple or structured lists quickly with intuitive list building design

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    Layer and cross-reference multiple lists so you always include (or exclude) the right people

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    Randomize segments for easy A/B testing

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    Built-in tools respect customer contact preferences

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    Keep your data current with our integrated data hygiene partners

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Email marketing & marketing automation

Tessitura works side-by-side with integrated email marketing systems. Generate your targeted email lists in Tessitura and use our partners to design and deploy your campaigns. The two-way integrations let you use curated dynamic lists for one-off campaigns or automated scheduling.

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    Target your messaging with dynamic data from Tessitura, like membership level or upcoming events

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    Personalize your emails with conditional content

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    Get your messages right with A/B testing capabilities

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    Automate communications like pre- and post-visit emails, membership and fundraising renewals, and more

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    Retargeting capabilities help ensure that you never miss out on a sale

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    Take advantage of integrated surveys for post-visit follow-up or other information gathering

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    Decision-tree automation offers additional segmentation potential

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    Analytics go back into Tessitura to track opens, clicks, and resulting transactions in real time

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Analyze results in real time

Track the effectiveness of your campaigns by analyzing opens, clicks, and resulting transactions in real time. Tessitura’s source tracking lets you understand where each transaction comes from.

Interactive dashboards in Tessitura Analytics, showing a vertical bar chart at the top, a circular chart at the bottom left, and a radial chart at lower right.
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    Built-in reporting tools help you make data-driven decisions

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    Real-time results give you confidence that your campaigns are meeting goals or flag when you need to adjust tactics

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    Design your own detailed reports in seconds with our drag-and-drop interface

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    Understand and compare sales trends over time

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    Turn your reports into lists for your next campaign

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    Track expenses to understand your return on investment

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The tools you need to market effectively

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Integrated e-commerce

Let your brand shine with Tessitura’s mobile-responsive online e-commerce platform. A unified shopping cart for tickets, membership, donations, and more streamlines the purchase path. Your customers will appreciate self-service tools, including the ability to set their contact preferences and interests. Integrate Google Analytics to continually learn more about your customers' digital journey.

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Social marketing

Simplify the purchase path with integrated Facebook logins for your customers. Leverage your existing customers' connections through Facebook share, and take advantage of Tessitura’s source tracking to understand the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts. Plus, detailed segmentation features let you create lookalike audiences for Facebook and Twitter advertising.

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Make the most of your telemarketing budget! Leverage your CRM data to personalize your asks based on past behavior. Tessitura can integrate with call center technologies to feed lead data, or generate lead sheets from Tessitura.

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Mobile Notification

Mobile apps & engagement

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your patrons. Our mobile app partners offer digital delivery of tickets and membership cards. Plus, take advantage of features like push notifications, member portals and on-site features like maps and accessibility tools.

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Dynamic pricing

Tessitura gives you the flexibility to update prices manually on the fly, or schedule pricing shifts to happen automatically. Our integrated partners offer advanced dynamic pricing features such as automatic discounting, pattern analysis or forecast modeling.

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Maximize your marketing potential

Tessitura automatically records customer behavior so you can attribute revenue and engagement across every marketing and sales channel.

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    Improve future marketing decisions by learning from your past campaigns

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    Understand where your customers hear about you, how they buy, and what led to that decision

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    Take advantage of unique URLs for each campaign

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    Create campaigns personalized to each customer

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