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Gain a holistic view of each customer

Everything you know about your customers is just a click away

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    Get a complete view of everyone who interacts with your organization: visitors, members, donors, volunteers, groups, class and camp attendees, and more

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    Customer history includes every interaction, communication, ticket purchase, contribution, membership, and more — all visible in one glance

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    Leverage the full-color customer history to inform future engagement

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    Understand your customer's relationship to your organization as well as to others in your database

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    Chronicle the impact of your work by tracking the entirety of every customer relationship

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Create a lifelong customer journey


Illustration in orange of two adults and a small child
Create child records for family programming and tot classes


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Track participation in classes, camps, school field trips, and more

Young adults

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Engage young adults who are teachers, mentors, apprentices, and volunteers


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Maintain the relationship history as these young adults establish their own households and grow their families

Grow loyalty

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Build on these lifelong relationships as customers become members, subscribers, and supporters


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Your lifelong customers become your strongest supporters through contributions, gifts, and planned giving

Turn connections into opportunities

Track personal and professional relationships to build networks and expand your impact

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    Connect individuals, households, families, schools, foundations, business relationships, and social networks

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    Streamline household management by sharing common information and maintaining unique individuals' data

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    Industry-leading security tools protect sensitive information and allow you to set the permissions for what your staff needs to access

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    Leverage all connections so you don't miss an opportunity for relationship development

Make data-driven decisions

Tessitura was built for customer relationship management. Your data is more than information — it forms the building blocks for meaningful insights. Tessitura provides the tools that allow you to see your customer data in new ways.

Screenshot of Analytics dashboards
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    All your customer data is available for reporting and insights, helping you identify opportunities to grow engagement

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    Understand customer behavior and relationships so that you can target people with the right message at the right time

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    Actionable dashboards let you export data to a customer list, so that your insights can become workflows

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Put your customers at the center

Empower every team to meet your customer where they are to create a seamless customer journey

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    Leverage the 360° view of each customer to personalize every interaction and communication — in person, on the phone, and online

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    Efficiently resolve questions, problems, and requests with purpose-built tools

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    Support every customer with the ability to track and report on accessibility requirements and individual preferences

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    Communicate with patrons where and how they prefer to be contacted, based on why you are contacting them

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