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How are you thinking about data? How can you translate the thought that you've already put into your business intelligence and translate it into Tessitura Analytics? Wherever you are in your data journey, we can meet you there and move you forward.

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    Data | Decide | Do

    If you can measure it, you can manage it. Strengthen your team’s shared vocabulary around data, and recognize your data successes and challenges. We help you grasp the opportunities that can help you make the most of your data.

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    Igniting data-driven culture

    Establishing data-driven culture is a turning point in organizational decision-making. In this two-day workshop, we help you establish goals for data access, skills, and tools. As a result, your organization will have an actionable plan for cultivating a data-driven culture, with a better understanding of the tools you already have to help achieve these goals. 

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    Integrating Tessitura Analytics into everyday business

    Data-driven organizations tie analytics, decision-making, and action together. In this intensive two-day working session, empower yourself to design, build, and personalize dashboards that align with your vision, goals, and strategy.

Modernize business intelligence across your organization

Interactive dashboards in Tessitura Analytics
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    Tired of looking at the same report? We’ll liven up your data by envisioning it as a new Tessitura Analytics dashboard.

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    Is anyone using those custom reports? We’ll tell you what’s actually being used, by whom, and how often.

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    Are custom reports bogging down upgrades and showing conflicting numbers? We’ll transition them to performance optimized, user friendly views that are programmed, tested, supported, and maintained by the Tessitura Network.

Dashboard design, custom cubes, and more

Need a dashboard specific to your business? Looking to centralize data from multiple sources? We can help figure out what you need!

Screenshot of a fundraising dashboard in Tessitura Analytics
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    Design and create new dashboards

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    Program constituent summary elements

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    Build new data cubes

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    Bring in additional Tessitura data

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    Incorporate external data like weather, retail, or parking information


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