We Know Ballet & Dance

Tessitura’s unified platform helps you understand and connect effectively with your patrons. Comprehensive functionality across all departments empowers you to maximize your revenue and build deeper relationships. Whether you want to provide more subscription options, communicate better with your patrons, or increase engagement through education outreach programs, we understand and can help you reach your goals.

Tessitura was developed with the performing arts in mind. We work primarily with non-profit arts and cultural organizations of all sizes, and we ourselves are structured as a non-profit, member-owned cooperative.

“Since we were on three completely separate databases for ticketing, development, and education, the biggest benefit has been having all that information together.”

Mary French, Atlanta Ballet
Mary French
Atlanta Ballet
Atlanta Ballet
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Dance companies using Tessitura

Of the 750+ organizations using Tessitura, more than 40 are dance companies, ranging in annual budget size from under $1 million to $50+ million.
Dance4 - photo by Joe Armitage


Nottingham, UK

National Ballet of Canada

National Ballet of Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Nashville Ballet - Firebird

Nashville Ballet

Nashville, Tennessee


Bangarra Dance Theatre

Sydney, Australia

Skanes Dansteater


Malmo, Sweden

Dancers with motion blur, against a background that fades from pale pink to blue

New York City Ballet

New York, NY

Royal New Zealand Balllet - Giselle

Royal New Zealand Ballet

Wellington, New Zealand


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