Why work with us?

No one knows your business goals like you do. No one knows Tessitura like we do. Our team of business and technical consultants bring a deep knowledge of our technology and years of professional experience. They will work alongside your team to help you accomplish day-to-day tasks and progress toward long-term goals.

Partnering at the intersection of business and technology

We'll pair you with a team to help elevate your use of Tessitura to achieve your goals. Extend the capabilities available to you so that you can:

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    Optimize technology to maximize revenue and efficiency

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    Take advantage of Tessitura’s latest features and upgrades

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    Have a Tessitura expert work alongside your team to support specific business needs

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    Build resiliency for your organization

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    Get the flexibility you need, when you need it

Your Tessitura team

Your team includes an account manager who will get to know your staff and understand your business goals. They’ll bring an understanding of industry best practices and Tessitura know-how. In addition, you have access to our team of business and technology professionals who can help with everything from data management to business insights to major projects.

What we do

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Optimize your technology

Make sure your technology is supporting your strategy. We help you align with best practices, plan for major milestones, and complete technology projects to set you up for success.


Campaign planning and execution

We work with your sales, marketing, fundraising, and membership teams to plan and execute each step for successful renewals, onsales, and more.


E-commerce maintenance

We can set up new promotions and enable additional features like One-Page Giving or add-on donations to help you grow revenue.


Ticketing setup

We can help configure your ticketing setup, whether you want to move to timed admission or adjust your package structure.


Insight and data services

We can evaluate your reporting needs, set up Tessitura Analytics, and help maintain the quality and integrity of your data.

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We can provide the training your team needs, tailored for their knowledge level and your goals.

How does it work?

Your account manager will work with you to set priorities, coordinate the work, and track progress toward your goals. As your account manager gets to know you, the relationship you build results in more effective and efficient work over time. They understand how you like to work and the level of support you need. Best of all, our services are scalable. We can manage a project from concept to reality or simply implement your vision. 

You’ll benefit by having our expert consultants available to you at a discounted rate from our project-based consulting. We’ll help you determine the level of help you need and create an annual contract with a flat monthly fee to make your budgeting easy. You'll also gain the ability to borrow or roll over month-to-month, providing flexibility when you need it. 

Retainer-based consulting offers you the best value with the highest flexibility. You and your staff can be confident that Tessitura-related projects are in good hands. 


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