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My top five reasons you should check out TLCC Orlando


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I might be biased, but I think that the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC)

is the single most valuable event to bring together creators, problem-solvers, administrators, program managers, fundraisers, marketing experts, customer service professionals and developers across the arts & culture sector.

If you haven’t been before, it can be hard to imagine the atmosphere. So here are my top five reasons I think you should participate in TLCC Orlando, coming up August 6–9, 2023.

#5. Refuel and recharge for the year ahead

When do you get to pause and reflect on what you’ve accomplished and set your priorities for the next chapter? For many members of the Tessitura community, demanding schedules mean there aren’t natural opportunities to look back and celebrate. TLCC invites you and your team to identify their wins and opportunities. For many attendees, this moment allows for a collective breath to recharge and refuel.

“It was an amazing and enriching experience… It reminded me of the importance of renewed interpersonal connections with industry peers.” — TLCC 2022 attendee

#4. Gain new & creative ideas to solve your problems

Everyone has challenges they haven’t quite been able to tackle yet. It might be because of a lack of time, resource or expertise. Wouldn’t it be helpful to hear from someone who’s already tackled that issue? Our member-led sessions showcase innovative solutions at other arts and cultural organizations. Their insights might be just what you need to face those opportunities head on.

“Finding people that experience the same issues, technical or otherwise, in their roles and swapping information and tips was invaluable and will continue to pay off as I progress in my career. Additionally, as a young woman in a largely male department, it was inspirational to see so many young women presenting and showcasing professional success in ways that relate directly to my career goals and current context.” — TLCC 2022 attendee

#3. Create new connections

At my first TLCC, I finally met someone like me. Alex Harris worked in fundraising at Seattle Children’s Theater and knew Tessitura inside and out. He understood the power and value of centralizing all their customer experiences through one system. I was the business systems manager at First Stage, a children’s theater in Milwaukee, Wis. I thought I was the only one in the world who cared as strongly as I did about this vision of unifying data: how our education participants data could inform our subscription sales, and ultimately cultivate future donors. And until I met Alex, I had felt pretty alone with my wide range of responsibilities. He and I bonded in a session about education in Tessitura, wandered the hallways sharing tips, and geeked out about all the things you could do with Tessitura well past the official conference schedule blocks.

It might sound weird, but this kind of thing happens all the time at TLCC. You have colleagues around the world who are facing similar challenges as you. Better yet, they are willing to help one another. And guess what: Alex Harris is still someone I turn to for advice today.

“…The deep friendships and closeness that come from this community that I have never experienced in half a century. The selflessness and camaraderie are without equal anywhere. This is an arts and tech conference.” — TLCC 2022 attendee

#2. An amazing range of content to choose from

At TLCC Orlando, we have 152 concurrent breakout sessions from which you can build your own agenda. This includes member-led sessions, sponsors presenting with members, and staff-led sessions. Back by popular demand, we have hands-on analytics workshops for new and intermediate users. New this year, we’ve created a track specifically for web and software developers. And we have sessions for end users, such as memberships processing in v16 and transacting group sales and field trips. We also have sessions for more advanced users, like creating personalized purchase paths online or Utilizing Tessitura, integrations and the Tessitura community to work smarter and not harder as a small fundraising team.

 We’ll cover innovative strategies for building new audiences, tips for creating successful people-first training programs, and incorporate DEAI through sessions like addressing pronoun usage, the myth of the model minority and being inclusive of individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss, and so much more.

“We love TLCC. We’ve sent a large team both times we've attended and plan to do so again next year. Being immersed in this learning environment helps our team bond and become a purposeful unit for our organization.” — TLCC 2022 attendee

#1. New this year: a virtual pass!

Even if you can’t come in person, you don’t have to miss out on the magic of TLCC because we have a new virtual pass. The TLCC Orlando virtual pass offers 40 different breakout sessions plus four general sessions. Attendees can watch all this content live and then view recordings through the end of the year. Plus, the virtual pass covers all job areas and experience levels. Here are just a few highlights of included sessions:

  • Simple Tessitura solutions for one-of-a-kind problems
  • What is a customer roadmap? And how do I create one?
  • Audience development for the next generation
  • Strengthening the cultural experience: A panel of Latin excellence
  • Finding hidden revenue: Using velocity-based dynamic pricing strategies and Tessitura Analytics
  • How organizations and Tessitura are preparing for today’s security threats

By bringing the Tessitura community together, we fuel one another and strengthen the organizations we serve. TLCC is your opportunity to immerse yourself in that community to activate professional development, knowledge-sharing, discovery, and networking.

And if you can’t participate in TLCC Orlando, please save the dates for the next TLCC near you…


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Karyn E.

Karyn Elliott

Chief Member Officer
Tessitura Network

Karyn Elliott, Chief Member Officer, has been with the Tessitura Network since 2011.

Overseeing support, learning, and the overall member experience, Karyn is responsible for ensuring that all members of the community get the most out of Tessitura. Prior to this role, Karyn helped deliver Tessitura’s e-commerce platform (TN Express Web) to over 400 organizations worldwide and subsequently created the Member Services team.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in theater arts with an emphasis in arts administration, and a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from the Helen Bader Institute. Previously, Karyn was the General Manager at First Stage Children’s Theater in Milwaukee, WI.