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Ready, set, summer! Five ways to prepare for the busy visitor season


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For many museums and attractions, peak season is just around the corner.

Plus, international tourism is picking up again. Check out our tips to help make this coming high season a little less hectic.

1. Optimize and automate

This is a great time of year to look for efficiencies. Review your setup, make sure everything is ready for the busy months, and look for opportunities to optimize your workflow.

Streamline your operations ahead of the busy season by using Tessitura’s bulk production creation tools for summer series and programs. While you’re at it, consider building out admissions and events into the fall so you don’t have to scramble to set up those back-to-school or holiday on-sales.

Update your QuickSale layouts so you can sell popular seasonal events quickly and easily. Review and create pricing events to maximize your revenue with dynamic pricing. And if you haven’t yet, automate your pre- and post-visit emails with Tessitura’s integrated email partners. Set it and forget it!

2. It’s the journey, not just the destination

Peak season means plenty of first-time visitors. And a visitor’s first interaction with your organization often takes place online.

Create a dynamic online customer journey. Incorporate event form fields to collect visitor information like accessibility needs. Use pricing and messaging rules to promote add-ons and upsells or even allow customers to curate their perfect visit with plan-your-day packages like the Dallas Zoo.

Personalize their experience by incorporating dynamic content into order confirmations for summer events and programs. And drive contributed revenue by requesting add-on donations at checkout.

Check out our getting started with e-commerce guide for more information.

3. Enhance the on-site experience

Summer means bigger crowds.

Prevent visitors from waiting in long lines by encouraging customers to purchase tickets in advance. To bust lines onsite, use Tessitura’s tablet sales interface. And get visitors in the door faster by automatically marking tickets sold onsite as auto-attended, allowing multiple entries where appropriate, and enabling customer messages as tickets or member cards are scanned.

If you’re on v16, give customers an effortless ticket experience by allowing customers to add their tickets to their mobile wallet.

4. Empower customers to help themselves

During busy times of the year, your staff’s time is more valuable than ever.

Alleviate the need for customers to call by enabling self-service tools online. Allow customers to request a return, view their membership history and renew directly from their account. Plus, let people manage their interests and contact preferences online. All of this can enhance the customer experience and cut down on call volume so your team can focus on visitors onsite.

5. Analyze! Analyze! Analyze!

More visitors mean more data.

Take the time to review your reports and dashboards in advance of the summer surge. Have you scheduled and automated delivery of standard reports to receive real-time sales reports hourly, daily or weekly? Do you have dashboards configured to monitor high-volume days and times, or to track which marketing campaigns folks are responding to? If you’re on v16, are you utilizing the Interactions cube in Analytics to track customer conversion? Taking these things into consideration will ensure you generate the relevant data you need to support your success. Take a look at our getting started with Tessitura Analytics guide for more tips.

Questions? Let us help. Reach out anytime.



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Ashley W.

Ashley Walker

Solutions Manager

Ashley Walker is a Solutions Manager at Tessitura with nearly 10 years of membership and fundraising experience.
She resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and in her spare time is likely to be found at a concert, theatre, or wandering around a museum.
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