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L2 Interactive and Tessitura Network announce Donate2, a new service that allows arts and cultural organizations to accept donations in less than 10 seconds for an unrestricted number of causes and appeals.

This stand-alone service, via L2 Interactive, gives your organization the power to offer streamlined donations with under ten minutes of setup.  Easily generate a link from Donate2 for use via SMS, email, QR codes, social media channels, and more. Present visually attractive and fully responsive donation forms and seamless payment options with Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, or various digital wallets. 

Donate2 provides unlimited users and forms and is fully integrated with both Tessitura and L2’s marketing automation platform Prospect2. Donations made using Donate2 are automatically populated in the Tessitura Software CRM.

Donate2 uses the leading online payment processor Stripe in order to provide best-in-industry tools. Other game-changing features include “Cover Cost,” which provides a donor the option to to pay an additional percentage to reduce or eliminate the operational fees often associated with taking donations.

A special introductory offer is available until October 1, 2020 to ensure all Tessitura organizations have access to Donate2 during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

During the special introductory offer, the monthly subscription cost is waived for the entry level plan to help organizations get started. There are no upfront costs to deploy Donate2. Subscription plans won’t start until October 1, 2020.

The integration between Donate2 and Tessitura ensures that a donation made with Donate2 will automatically appear alongside ticket purchases, memberships, subscriptions, and other data stored in Tessitura. Organizations will have all their data in one place to build on each donation and create deep and lasting customer relationships. Furthermore, users will appreciate easy reconciliation and reporting without any manual data entry. This is what fundraiser’s dreams (and Donate2!) are made of.

“Everyone at the Boston Symphony Orchestra is grateful and loves Donate2. We’re getting more unique gifts via Donate2 than our website,” says Michael Moore, Associate Director of Marketing Insights. “Over 50% of the donations from Donate2 are from first time donors, and our average donation amount so far is about $105.”

“We continue to find new ways to fuse Donate2 with all of our Marketing and Fundraising efforts.  As we move forward, we are excited to work with the team at L2 Interactive on the next stage of new product features and integrations between Donate2, Prospect2 and Tessitura, “ adds Michael.

“At Seattle Children’s Theatre we are thrilled with the way L2 has solved one of the biggest obstacles in giving — making it easy. For years we have heard complaints from donors as they have struggled through clunky giving portals, but with Donate2 the experience is seamless. The donor is able to give in a click or two, and the Tessitura backend is as easy as if they had logged it in directly themselves.” said Kevin Malgesini, Managing Director.

“At Seattle Children’s Theatre we are thrilled... With Donate2 the experience is seamless.”

About L2 Interactive and Donate2

L2 Interactive, an award winning design and software development company, has been working with Tessitura organizations for 17 years building custom integrated websites using Integrate2, Marketing Automation with Prospect2, and streamlined one-click giving with Donate2.

Donate2 is made with love, blood, sweat and tears by L2 Interactive. Donate2 was built for organizations and companies that need to generate donations using modern fundraising techniques. Our goal is to provide you the tools to meet your goals. For more information about Donate2, visit www.donate2.com or contact hello@donate2.com.
Twitter: @hellodonate2 

About Tessitura

Tessitura is an enterprise CRM system that powers all key business functions for museums, performing arts organizations, and other cultural, educational, and media entities. From fundraising and memberships to ticketing, marketing, education, analytics, and more, Tessitura's unified platform enables a seamless, 360-degree view of all donors, members, and volunteers within a single database. Tessitura provides targeting and insight capabilities so the “right” engagement can happen at the optimal time. 

In addition to its flagship software, Tessitura offers a range of complementary services that empower its users to achieve their goals. Those users form a community of industry leaders that enjoys an unprecedented level of knowledge sharing and collaboration through the facilitation efforts of the Tessitura Network. Tessitura also works with a wide range of ecosystem partners that provide products and services to extend the power of what its members can do. 

Operating since 2001, Tessitura Network, Inc. is proud to be a member-owned and governed nonprofit. Tessitura serves over 700 organizations in ten countries. For more information about Tessitura, visit www.tessituranetwork.com or contact Amelia Northrup-Simpson, Marketing & Communications Manager, at amelia.northrup-simpson@tessituranetwork.com.


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