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Tessitura announced today the launch of Tessitura Merchant Services. Created in partnership with the global payment platform Adyen, 

Tessitura Merchant Services is now live at select Tessitura-powered organizations and supports Interac and Apple Pay, as well as traditional credit card payments.

Organizations using Tessitura Merchant Services benefit from a secure streamlined transaction chain that leverages Adyen’s leading payments technology. Tessitura’s expert team handles all onboarding and support, including supplying payment terminals and accessories. The platform is PCI and P2PE compliant, with advanced security protections that offer peace of mind both online and at point of sale.

“I’m glad we made the switch.”
— Jerri Keene, Baltimore Center Stage

Tessitura Merchant Services offers unlimited tokenization at no extra cost, and can securely save credit cards for faster online checkout. The built-in real-time account updater service means that recurring billing and payment plans continue uninterrupted even when a customer’s payment details change.

“The process of switching to Tessitura Merchant Services has been smooth sailing,” said Jerri Keene, Baltimore Center Stage. “The dashboard provided makes it much easier to answer questions for our finance team. The team at Tessitura has been responsive and always helpful. I’m glad we made the switch.”

“Providing continually innovated technology is a key tenet of our mission, and we are honored to partner with world-class provider Adyen to launch Tessitura Merchant Services,” said Andrew Recinos, Tessitura’s President & CEO. Adyen is the payment platform of choice for brands such as Microsoft, Spotify, Uber and Etsy.

“Consolidating the payment process leads to a smoother experience for both organizations and consumers,” said Chuck Reif, Chief Engineer and Co-Founder of Tessitura. “Customers will enjoy the convenience of more payment options as well as a decreased decline rate. Organizationally, Tessitura Merchant Services is reducing payment processing complexity while providing additional fraud protection.”

“Consolidating the payment process leads to a smoother experience for both organizations and consumers.”
— Chuck Reif, Chief Engineer and Co-Founder of Tessitura

“We are so thrilled to roll this option out to our members,” said Karyn Elliott, Chief Member Officer. “We always aim to create efficiencies for our member organizations. With Tessitura Merchant Services, we’re pleased that our expert support staff will be the single point of contact for any payments questions and support.”

Tessitura Merchant Services is available today to Tessitura organizations in Australia, North America, the United Kingdom, with additional regions in development. The feature set will continue to grow as well, incorporating support for additional payment methods such as PayPal, GooglePay, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and buy-now, pay-later services such as Afterpay. Further specific payment options will be tailored to each region that Tessitura serves.

To learn more about Tessitura Merchant Services, visit our Integrated Payments page or contact Adam Grigsby.

This news article was updated on August 8, 2022 to reflect current availability.


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