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DonorSearch and Tessitura are pleased to announce the launch of a fully redesigned integration,

engineered in partnership between DonorSearch and Tessitura’s development team. The new integration provides greatly enriched native functionality for generating individual profiles and batch screening results, while leveraging the advanced architecture of Tessitura’s Version 15 Integration Gateway and Business Analytics. With this new functionality, mutual clients can store crucial prospect intelligence in Tessitura as specific as the number of gifts and total dollars a patron has donated to other arts organizations — at the click of a button.

“Fundraising success is rooted in understanding the passions and values of the prospect — and then taking informed action. Taking action may mean reaching out to a longstanding stakeholder, or someone who only moments ago patronized your theater, museum, or zoo for the first time.  The synthesis of our philanthropic and wealth insights with Tessitura’s industry-leading engagement data makes for the fastest, most-granular, and reliable prospecting tool in the arts and culture space,” said Bill TeDesco, CEO and Founder, DonorSearch. 

The new DonorSearch integration with Tessitura is accomplished due to the automation capabilities of the Tessitura Network Integration Gateway partner connection service. This framework is utilized to enable the DonorSearch service to be integrated for any Tessitura member organization. The Integration Gateway is a connection tool for vital ecosystem partners and we’re excited to partner with DonorSearch so they can bring their philanthropic and wealth insights tools to our community to enable a seamless, rapid integration with their Tessitura enterprise system — their system of record. Tessitura is focused on the success of our member organizations, and not on profits. As a not-for-profit organization ourselves, we work hard to power the business of arts and culture through our best-in-class unifying Tessitura system, services focused on productivity for our member organizations, and knowledge and best practice sharing to enable ideas, tactics and thought leadership to flourish within the sectors we serve,” said Jack Rubin, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of the Tessitura Network. 

About DonorSearch

Launched in 2007, DonorSearch is proud to support the fundraising efforts of over 5,000 active clients.  The company's business model is predicated on a commitment to provide transparent, accurate, and affordable prospect intelligence to every corner of the non-profit space.  Driven by the most robust and fastest growing charitable-giving data set in the industry, DonorSearch’s focus on proven philanthropy shortens qualification time, informs strategy, and drives confident action. For more information about DonorSearch or to explore our Tessitura integration, visit www.donorsearch.net.

About Tessitura

Tessitura is an enterprise CRM system that powers all key business functions for museums, performing arts organizations, and other cultural, educational, and media entities. From fundraising and memberships to ticketing, marketing, education, analytics, and more, Tessitura's unified platform enables a seamless, 360-degree view of all donors, members, and volunteers within a single database. Tessitura provides targeting and insight capabilities so the “right” engagement can happen at the optimal time. In addition to its flagship software, Tessitura offers a range of complementary services that empower its users to achieve their goals. Those users form a community of industry leaders that enjoys an unprecedented level of knowledge sharing and collaboration through the facilitation efforts of the Tessitura Network. Tessitura also works with a wide range of ecosystem partners that provide products and services to extend the power of what its members can do.

Operating since 2001, Tessitura Network, Inc. is proud to be a member-owned and governed nonprofit. Tessitura serves over 650 organizations in ten countries. For more information about Tessitura, visit www.tessituranetwork.com or contact Amelia Northrup-Simpson, Marketing & Communications Manager at Amelia.Northrup-Simpson@tessituranetwork.com.



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