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As planned five years ago by Jack Rubin, CEO & Co-Founder of the Tessitura Network, and the Board, Jack will be transitioning to an Advisory / Ambassador status at year-end and will serve in that capacity during 2021. Andrew Recinos, who has served as Tessitura president since 2017, and has been associated in various roles and capacities with Tessitura since 2002, was appointed by the Board to be President & CEO starting January 1, 2021.

Jack commented, “I could not be prouder of what the exceptional Tessitura Network team has accomplished over the last nineteen years. We formed a unique non-profit cooperative business model governed by our users for the success of arts, cultural, and public media organizations. To that end, we implemented a unified Tessitura software platform and provided exceptional support and service for over 700 organizations of all sizes and maintained a retention rate of over 95%. We continually innovate Tessitura every year as our mission calls for. And, we facilitate the ongoing sharing of knowledge and insights between organizations and professionals locally, nationally, and globally. I never expected to be leaving during a pandemic when I drew up this timeline years ago and I am confident the Tessitura Network is well positioned to weather the storm and provide real value to our users no matter what stage of the recovery they are in. Andrew Recinos is an exceptional leader and communicator, and has deep and broad experience in arts, culture, and business. His service as a Tessitura consultant, on the Tessitura Next-Generation leadership steering committee, Tessitura Executive Vice President, and Tessitura President has been at the highest performing levels. We have been working closely together for years, and I have complete confidence the company is well positioned to enter our third decade leading the industry and advancing the business of arts and culture.” “We’ve been preparing for this for quite a while,” said Rubin, “Above all, we wanted to create a smooth leadership transition that would be comfortable for both our team and our member organizations. Andrew and I have been making major decisions jointly for some time and the company is exceptionally well structured financially and organizationally. I look forward to continued involvement to assist in any roles in 2021 that can be valuable. Until then we have a great deal to accomplish.”

Ellen Gallagher, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of the American Museum of Natural History, and currently the board chair of the Tessitura Network noted, “Under Jack’s leadership, with Co-Founder Chuck Reif, SVP of Technology, the Tessitura Network was born, grew globally to ten countries and many sectors, and thrived. He recruited and has led a talented team of passionate, empathetic, and service-minded experts that serve the Tessitura community well. He continually evolved this company for the benefit of all who use Tessitura. His contributions to this company and this industry are enormous and we thank him and look forward to his continuing assistance. The board knew this transition was coming for some time and we are thrilled with the Network team overall, the leadership of the Network across all functions, and believe Andrew will be a terrific successor as the second CEO of the Tessitura Network.”

Andrew commented: “I am honored to be chosen by the Tessitura Network Board to serve as President & CEO beginning in 2021. Jack Rubin has crafted this business from a tiny startup to a global force for good. I look forward to leading the next chapter of our story. I have worked alongside Jack for more than eight years and learned from him every day. As we look to the future, I am committed to continuing Tessitura’s mission-driven focus on innovation, service, community, and industry leadership. This transition comes at an undeniably difficult time for our members and our industry. I am humbled and proud to lead our talented team in helping our members navigate their current realities and evolve toward a stronger future.”

Jack Rubin at left, seated across from Andrew Recinos at right, each holding a paper coffee cup and facing out.

Jack Rubin, left, and Andrew Recinos, right

About Tessitura

Tessitura is an enterprise CRM system that powers all key business functions for museums, performing arts organizations, and other cultural, educational, public media and attraction-based entities. From fundraising and memberships to ticketing, marketing, education, analytics, and more, Tessitura's unified platform enables a seamless, 360-degree view of all donors, members, and volunteers within a single database. Tessitura provides targeting and insight capabilities so the “right” engagement can happen at the optimal time.

In addition to its flagship software, Tessitura offers a range of complementary services that empower its users to achieve their goals. Those users form a community of industry leaders that enjoys an unprecedented level of knowledge sharing and collaboration through the facilitation efforts of the Tessitura Network. In addition, Tessitura works with a wide range of ecosystem partners that provide products and services to extend the power of what its members can do. Over 700 organizations in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are powered by Tessitura and a dedicated team of 225+ Tessitura Network experts provide 24x7 service and develop new technology.

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