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Tessitura has extended their partnership with True Tickets, the secure contactless digital ticketing service,

to offer enhanced, secure, contactless digital ticketing to the more than 750 not-for-profit arts venues that make up the Tessitura community.

The two companies first joined forces in 2020, bringing together Tessitura’s unified CRM and multivalent transaction system with True Tickets’ best-in-class secure digital ticket delivery solution. Tessitura is the gold standard for performing arts organizations, museums, science centers, and cultural attractions. True Tickets offers venues better control over how each ticket is transacted and managed as well as providing valuable and secure data about patron attendance. 

Secure contactless digital ticketing, increasingly in demand as venues have reopened after the pandemic, couples identity and accountability to enable venues to more effectively deliver tickets for their events. 

The new agreement between True Tickets and Tessitura will include tiered pricing for venues, making the service even more financially viable for a broader set of the Tessitura community. True Tickets seamlessly integrates with the Tessitura platform, allowing venues to take advantage of secure contactless digital ticketing.

“True Tickets has been a solid partner — and one that we’ve been proud to engage with as they help our venues get ahead of the tech curve.”
— Erin Lively Koppel, Chief Strategy Officer, Tessitura

True Tickets has been a solid partner — and one that we’ve been proud to engage with as they help our venues get ahead of the tech curve by delivering an exclusive solution that hasn’t been used in the industry before,” said Erin Lively Koppel, Chief Strategy Officer of Tessitura. “For organizations keen to address issues surrounding identity, security, and control, our partnership with True Tickets offers an exceptional value to extend Tessitura’s native capabilities to grow their audiences and directly engage with more visitors.”

True Tickets recently implemented rules-based ticket sharing, a revolutionary new feature that empowers event organizers to create and assign rules related to the sharing of digital tickets. In addition to limiting scalping, the feature offers venues accurate and consistent data about who is in possession of tickets to their events at all times and who attends their events. In the first month after its release, over 20,000 rules-based tickets have been shared with venues, who have seen one new name captured for every three tickets shared. Those new names, combined with Tessitura’s industry-leading CRM and analytics capabilities, offer organizations a wealth of potential for marketing to these previously invisible customers.

“After working with Tessitura for two years to provide a secure, convenient, and contact-free digital ticket delivery solution for its clients across the globe, we are thrilled to be renewing our partnership,” said True Tickets CEO Matt Zarracina. “We feel this not only demonstrates Tessitura’s commitment to True Tickets; it serves as validation of the value True Tickets provides, as well as a strong belief in our mission of creating trust in ticketing.” 

About True Tickets

True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service that can be tailored to a venue’s specific needs. Whether through its IBM blockchain-enabled service built with secondary market distribution in mind or its single-channel delivery service, True Tickets’ business-to-business solution easily integrates with existing ticketing platforms without replacing existing infrastructure. The True Tickets service empowers venues across arts, entertainment, and more to better govern how mobile tickets are transacted, reclaiming control of their tickets from the secondary market so they can more effectively manage their patrons’ experience. For more information, visit www.true-tickets.com

About Tessitura

We are Tessitura, a nonprofit tech company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organizations thrive. CRM lies at the heart of our mission and our technology platform. Ticketing works hand-in-hand with fundraising, membership, marketing, education and front of house. Intuitive tools turn data into action. And features like timed admission, integrated streaming and contactless scanning help build a sustainable future. With Tessitura, organizations can achieve their goals with ease. We work with over 750 organizations in 10 countries. Our staff provide 24/7 support and offer guidance to grow revenue and engagement. For more information, visit www.tessituranetwork.com


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