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Tessitura is pleased to announce the appointment of Nic Boling as the company’s Vice President of Information Technology and Security.

Nic Boling.

This role demonstrates Tessitura’s continued commitment to cybersecurity at a time of heightened awareness.

With a deep knowledge of security and public policy, Boling has forged a career in mitigating cybersecurity and business continuity risks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Security Analysis (Asia Pacific) as well as double master’s degrees in Policing Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism and International Security Studies, and postgraduate cybersecurity qualifications. In his most recent role as Chief Technology Officer of the Sydney Opera House, he was responsible for leading the technology team and securing the data and systems of an international icon.

“I am thrilled to welcome Nic Boling to our leadership team,” said Andrew Recinos, President & CEO. “With his impressive expertise in cybersecurity best practices for arts and culture organizations, he is the perfect person to lead the mission-critical work of maintaining the security of our data and systems.”

“I am honored to be joining the staff of Tessitura, an organization that I’ve worked with closely for many years while at the Sydney Opera House,” said Boling. “Information security is more important than ever for arts and culture organizations, and in my new role at Tessitura I look forward to working more broadly toward safeguarding Tessitura members around the world.”

In addition to overseeing Tessitura’s cybersecurity strategies and processes, Boling will take on responsibility for Tessitura’s internal information systems and IT operations. His work will influence Tessitura’s business operations, hosting services, and software development to ensure IT excellence and an assertive, proactive security posture.

About Nic Boling

Nic Boling is the Vice President of Information Technology and Security at Tessitura, a nonprofit tech company serving the arts and culture sector. He was previously Chief Technology Officer at Sydney Opera House, where he led the teams responsible for networked systems, application support, operational technology, web development, Tessitura, information management, cyber security, consortium management, audio-visual installations, and broadcast engineering. He was Sydney Opera House’s senior responsible officer for cyber security, records management, privacy, and freedom of information.

Since 2010 Nic’s roles at Sydney Opera House have included leading a production services department, implementing state-of-the-art communication systems, and leading the technical delivery for a digital transformation that rebuilt the website on an enterprise content management system and email marketing platform integrated with Tessitura. Nic also oversaw the Sydney Tessitura consortium.

Nic holds a Bachelor of Security Analysis (Asia Pacific), a double Master in Policing Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism and International Security Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity. He leverages this background in security and public policy to mitigate cybersecurity and business continuity risks.

About Tessitura Network

We are Tessitura, a nonprofit tech company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organizations thrive. CRM lies at the heart of our mission and our technology platform. Ticketing works hand-in-hand with fundraising, membership, marketing, education, and front of house. Intuitive tools help uncover business insights and turn data into action. And features like timed admission, integrated streaming, and contactless scanning help build a sustainable future. With Tessitura in their toolkit, organizations can achieve their goals with ease.

The Tessitura community includes over 750 arts organizations and cultural attractions in ten countries. Our staff provide 24/7 support and offer guidance to grow revenue and build lifelong engagement.

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