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Tessitura, the nonprofit technology company dedicated to serving arts and culture organizations, announced today a strategic partnership with Activity Stream.

The partnership will provide shared users with new marketing, engagement and planning tools.

“Activity Stream’s solutions will allow our members to automate important moments in their customer journeys,” said Erin Lively Koppel, Tessitura’s Chief Strategy Officer. “They operationalize marketing and transactional data, so members can better understand audience behavior. That creates more efficiency for arts and culture teams. It also helps them deliver seamless experiences that grow engagement.”

“Activity Stream’s solutions will allow our members to automate important moments in their customer journeys.”
— Erin Lively Koppel, Chief Strategy Officer, Tessitura

Activity Stream offers three tools for users of Tessitura’s unified CRM and transaction system. Combined, they cover the life cycle of live events.

Activity Stream’s marketing and data visualization platform helps organizations better segment audiences and create high-performance campaigns to increase sales. The platform brings together real-time data from across marketing channels. Sources include Tessitura, previous email campaigns, Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Ads.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop email tool, event marketers can create campaigns that target those most likely to convert based on their interests, past buying behavior and other characteristics. The email marketing platform helps measure results through user-friendly dashboards and key metrics.

With crowdEngage, organizations can enhance audience experiences and generate new revenue before, during and after events. The software allows them to save time by scheduling text messages, including ticket delivery, event reminders, venue FAQs and donation asks. It also facilitates pre-event food and beverage ordering to reduce wait times and improve service. Audiences can place orders using their mobile phones without downloading an application. Those interactions map back to the customer’s record in Tessitura.

Yesplan is an event and venue planning solution. It helps centralize logistics and operations, mapping out all activities that make events more successful. The technology includes features for managing event spaces, resourcing equipment and scheduling staff. Teams also can coordinate assignments and track budgets in one place. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, all ticket transactions pull from Tessitura into Yesplan.

“We’re thankful that Tessitura trusts us to be part of their partner ecosystem,” said Einar Saevarsson, CEO at Activity Stream. “This exciting collaboration demonstrates our shared commitment to working with arts and culture organizations to increase their earning potential and improve customer engagement. Together, we undoubtedly push the industry forward by delivering incredible experiences to audiences around the world.”

“This exciting collaboration demonstrates our shared commitment to working with arts and culture organizations to increase their earning potential and improve customer engagement.”
— Einar Saevarsson, CEO, Activity Stream

Current Tessitura integrations are available for both Activity Stream and crowdEngage. A Yesplan integration is underway.

Activity Stream works with more than 600 companies around the world. Clients include theatres, performing arts centers, festivals, zoos and museums, among others.

More details are available on the partner page at www.tessituranetwork.com. Tessitura community members also can contact Activity Stream for information or visit the company’s website.

About Tessitura

Tessitura is a nonprofit technology company dedicated to helping arts and culture organizations thrive. CRM lies at the heart of our mission and our technology platform. Ticketing works hand-in-hand with fundraising, membership, marketing, education and front of house. Intuitive tools turn data into action. And fully integrated payment processing, contactless scanning and seamless digital solutions mean our community is building a successful, sustainable future. We work with nearly 800 organizations in 10 countries. For more information, visit www.tessituranetwork.com.

About Activity Stream

The Activity Stream Group envisions a world where live entertainment organizations have the power to create and deliver exceptional experiences for their audiences effortlessly. Drawing on our expertise in live entertainment and innovative technology, we've created a suite of solutions tailored to support live event organizers in every phase of the event lifecycle. From the initial conception of an event to the final settlement, our solutions help you manage your venue, build an audience and deliver an unforgettable visitor experience.

With 600+ clients across 20 countries, you will find Activity Stream solutions in many of the world’s largest entertainment capitals. Learn more about our solutions and what we stand for at www.activitystream.com/tessitura.

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