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“The organization has completely changed since we've started using Tessitura Extended Services,”

says Alex Grieves of The Glasshouse International Centre for Music.

The Glasshouse is an international music centre, conference and event venue. Located in the Northeast of England, the venue welcomes more than two million visitors annually to more than 400 concerts.

Tessitura Extended Services offers organizations the opportunity to have a Tessitura expert work alongside their team. Organizations benefit from a dedicated account manager who gets to know their staff and understands their business operations. The ongoing, flexible relationship with Extended Services helps organizations check off day-to-day tasks and progress toward long-term goals.

The Glasshouse engages Extended Services to help maintain that momentum and make the most of Tessitura. Their goals include increasing productivity and tailoring staff training to their business objectives. The Extended Services account manager assigned to their team is now familiar with the staff and business at The Glasshouse and works with many departments across the organization.

“Since Extended Services got involved, everyone's now looking at what we can push the boundaries of Tessitura to do.” —Alex Grieves, The Glasshouse

“Since Extended Services got involved, the engagement with Tessitura has been far greater,” Alex adds. Everyone's now looking at what we can push the boundaries of Tessitura to do. We first anticipated having around 60 Tessitura users, but now we're up to 85-90. This is because of the engagement that's grown through Extended Services.”

Extended Services has also helped The Glasshouse accomplish some key projects.

Unique online customer experiences for corporate partners

The Glasshouse wanted to offer their corporate partners a special online ticketing path that would reflect their sponsor benefits. Their Tessitura consultant leveraged their technical expertise and a deep knowledge of the e-commerce platform, TN Express Web (TNEW), to create this customer journey.

Employees of corporate partners can now log in to The Glasshouse’s TNEW portal to access their benefits. By using their company email, they gain access to a mode of sale that applies the company’s discounts to all eligible tickets. This sponsor portal adds tremendous value to The Glasshouse’s corporate partnerships.

“Extended Services has been beneficial because we didn't have the technical skill in-house,” Alex notes.

“Extended Services has been beneficial because we didn’t have the technical skill in-house.” — Alex Grieves

Dynamic email content

Emma Gorman, Marketing Manager at The Glasshouse, is currently working with Extended Services to implement dynamic email content for post-show communications. She aims to deliver content related to shows the recipient has not seen or reserved a ticket for within The Glasshouse’s Tessitura system.

Emma shares, “We're working on dynamic content in our emails. In our post-show email, people can see the next shows that are relevant to them that they haven't already booked. We could already add in the content blocks that show upcoming shows, but we want it to be very specific and personal to the customer's experience. We're getting closer, and we couldn't have done that without Extended Services.”

The benefits of user adoption

Perhaps most importantly, partnering with Extended Services has allowed The Glasshouse to boost staff morale and increase efficiency. Alex is pleased with the high rate of Tessitura user adoption across the The Glasshouse staff. He credits this to the training and ease of implementation facilitated by the Extended Services team.

Education, Artist Development, and Food & Beverage teams are now using Tessitura for the first time. Tessitura handles education signs ups, contact permissions for all teams and restaurant bookings, including dietary requirements. The Glasshouse attributes the significant uptick in the number of staff now using Tessitura to the ease of reporting from a central data source. According to Alex, “More people want to use it now because we've got more content and information inside of Tessitura.”

“Extended Services has been a catalyst for great change in the venue.” —Kristian Clark, The Glasshouse

Kristian Clark, Alex’s colleague, echoes this sentiment. “I would say there are many of things we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and we shouted about it. We’re now doing them, and we're doing them all at once, which I didn't think was possible.”

 This post was updated 15 September 2023 to reflect the venue’s name change from Sage Gateshead to The Glasshouse International Centre for Music.

Top photo by Ryan Booth  from Unsplash.



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