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Digonex provides automated dynamic pricing for live entertainment including performing arts and attractions such as museums, zoos, and aquariums. Digonex's team of PhD economists create customized pricing algorithms that are automated and fully integrated with Tessitura. The pricing algorithms do the work of gathering data, analyzing patterns, and determining the right price so that you have more time to focus on your business. All price recommendations are presented in SEATS, their web-based pricing portal. You can review, approve, and/or modify prices in minutes with the click of a button.

Digonex offers preferred pricing for Tessitura Network. Other benefits include:

  • Digonex pulls the venue layout and ticket purchases for specific performances
  • Digonex also looks at available inventory for the performances
  • Digonex recommends dynamic pricing
  • The approved pricing suggestions are automatically uploaded to Tessitura as pricing events

To learn more, watch our webinar, Introducing Digonex Technologies: Dynamic Pricing 2.0. 

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For more information, please visit www.digonex.com or contact Chief Revenue Officer Harry Tomasides.

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Revenue Management Application (RMA)

Baker Richards   JCA

The RMA is developed exclusively for Tessitura users by JCA and Baker Richards, leading consultants in pricing strategy and analysis for arts organizations. It offers a flexible, easy-to-use suite of reports designed to give you vital insights for strategy, forecasting, sales monitoring, discounting, and dynamic pricing—all based on up-to-date information, right on your desktop. From setting better forecasts to evaluating the results of your dynamic pricing, the expertly designed reports make sure that you’re in control of making strategic decisions quickly, intelligently, and confidently.

The RMA helps you:

  • Set up forecasting models
  • Spot opportunities for dynamic pricing
  • Gain customer insights
  • Evaluate strategy and report on the impact of dynamic pricing

To learn more about the RMA and pricing strategy, check out our recorded webinars.

Optimize Your Pricing with the Revenue Management Application >

RMA: Forecasts and Dashboards and Models, Oh My! >

Taking Pricing Strategy to a New Level: A Preview of RMA Version 4.0 >

For more information, please visit revenuemanagementapplication.com or contact rma@jcainc.com (North America) or rma@baker-richards.com (rest of the world).

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Vatic’s dynamic pricing software is specifically designed for the performing arts. Vatic’s 16 proprietary algorithms help you find the right price for each event — moving prices up and down so that you align your prices with what patrons feel the performance is worth. Vatic is fully integrated with Tessitura, providing instant updates across all of your price types (including discounts), as well as critical reporting to help you succeed.

Vatic is a full-service pricing solution. Clients have access to discounted consulting on venue rescale, single ticket starting prices, subscription pricing and pricing for financial accessibility. Vatic has managed pricing for more than 6,000 performances, delivering over $8 million in revenue growth to its partners in 2022.

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