BOCA Systems

Boca Systems is a leading manufacturer of ticket and other special-purpose printers. Boca’s desktop, kiosk, and receipt printers are installed worldwide and are known for their speed, reliability, and durability.

Boca offers preferred pricing for Tessitura Network members. 

Not all features shown in the video above may be supported by Tessitura. Contact our support team to learn the supported features of these devices.

For more information, please visit in North America and in the United Kingdom, or contact Louis Rosner, Sales Representative, at

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 True Tickets logo

True Tickets provides organizations with enhanced, secure, contactless ticketing from point of sale to point of scan without the need for any additional hardware equipment. True Tickets quickly and seamlessly integrates with Tessitura providing venues with visibility into who possesses a ticket, even if it is forwarded to another recipient, and provides contact details throughout the tickets’ lifecycle.

The True Tickets service can be used by organizations of any size. Organizations seeking a third-party verifiable chain of custody of the ticket coupled with consistent rule enforcement across the secondary market will benefit from the blockchain-enabled service. All organizations, including museums, galleries, and cultural attractions, will benefit from the service optimized for single channel delivery. Both services offer secure contactless digital delivery of all tickets through an optional white label web-application that can be branded for your organization. 

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Stimare manufactures and distributes a range of thermal ticket printers designed to suit all ticketing needs, along with ticket and wristband stock. Stimare also specializes in barcode scanning equipment combined with off-the-shelf smartphone technology, and focuses on devising innovative, cost-effective solutions that help clients achieve previously unrealizable goals. 

  • Stimare offers preferred pricing for Tessitura Network.

For more information please visit or contact Killian Devitt, Technical Director.

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Weldon, Williams & Lick


With a reputation for premium quality and service, WW&L offers the production of custom tickets, production and fulfillment of season tickets, and additional services to help organizations connect with patrons in a meaningful and lasting way. 

  • Preferred pricing for Tessitura Network

For more information please visit or contact Andy Hendricks, Vice President of International/Systems Sales.

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KIS Kiosks supply live event and fine arts venues with advanced electronic ticketing and delivery capabilities. The kiosk device provides a seamless transaction experience for memberships, Will Call, and general admission sales. KIS Kiosks are integrated with the Tessitura API and payment processors and give your patrons the convenience and ease of serving themselves.

  • Preferred pricing for Tessitura Network
  • KIS provides all hardware and software for the kiosks
  • Allows patrons to purchase tickets or pick up Will Call tickets
  • KIS kiosks have a live connection to Tessitura via the API

For more information, please visit or contact

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