Segmentation Engine

JCABaker Richards

The Segmentation Engine is a web application, developed by Baker Richards and JCA and fully integrated with Tessitura. It allows marketing, ticketing, and development professionals to create sophisticated customer segmentations, which can be sent back to Tessitura for use in List Builder and T-Stats. The Segmentation Engine is an easy-to-use application that can improve the accuracy of targeting and the effectiveness of CRM strategy.

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Wolf Brown

As arts organizations seek closer and more interactive relationships with audiences, the need for more sophisticated tools for gathering and reflecting on audience feedback has become a priority. WolfBrown’s Intrinsic Impact Dashboard software streamlines the connection between arts organizations and their audiences, placing high-quality, highly customized audience feedback at the fingertips of artistic, marketing, and executive leadership at a fraction of the cost of conventional market research.

Learn about the theory and methods of audience impact assessment, and get a demonstration of WolfBrown’s Intrinsic Impact Dashboard software, in this webinar, Advances in Audience Feedback: Emerging Theory and Methods.

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